Monday, September 1, 2014


Today is Labor Day and thus summer is over. We have had a horrible summer. I just want it to be over. The first week in May Dennis left leg hurt. So he went to the doctor. Maybe gout or this or that if it doesn't get better come back. One week later he was back o crutches.. Cat scan, MRI, tons of blood tests. biopsy, A big lump is growing on his left leg. It hurts so bad he can't walk any longer. I have him in a wheel chair now. I have an appointment with Kaisers best cancer doctor on May 20th. He looks at it and decides to operate on it that afternoon. Just a huge infections not cancer as they thought. The doctor comes out of the surgery and tells us he is going to loose his leg, it was so bad. He will give his two days to get use to it. Two days later he goes back into surgery . The doctor came out I 1/2 hours later doing a happy dance they can save the leg. I am not posting pictures of the wounds, they are bad and deep all the way to the bone. Miracle number one he has two legs. Two days later he sends him home for me to take care of. He has a woundvac of his leg and a pick line in his arm. Home hospital nurses come every other day to change the dressing and help me, I give him shots everyday in the pickline. plus everything else. He can now use a walker from the bed to the bathroom. I never bargained for this when I married him 40 years ago. While he in the bathroom I am changing the sheets as he is in bed all the time. By the end of June we have the wounds on wet dry dressing I need to do this twice a day. I don't want to be a nurse. The family reunion for us and the four kids was planned for the 25th of June. It was canceled. By the first of July, the PHT has him walking Shock. The doctor thought he may have a stiff leg the rest of his life. Miracle number two. T he 25th of July I decide to go to my niece's daughters wedding. I fly to Salt Lake on Thursday. By time I get there I know I have an infected tooth and a puffy check. It's 24th of July weekend so no dentist will see me. I come home on Saturday with Melissa. Monday morning to my dentist and have oral surgery on a lump and a tooth removed. Can't eat for a week. We were going to take a road trip with the Snow's the middle of August. He had been dizzy for a few days so back to the doctor. Well Doctor Ha calls at 11 pm to tell him his blood is so low he wants him in the hospital the next morning for a blood transfusion. So to the hospital we go the next morning. Snow's happen to call while he is there and I tell them we can no longer go on the road trip. So now I need to feed him lots of food with iron in it. Then this last week my little yorkie was outside and either a barn owl or a coyote jumped the fence and killed him . I don't think I can take any more this summer Fall has to be better.


Chelsea said...

Dear Grandma, I just read your post. I wandered over to see your lace because I loved a butterfly you made using the mini-bobbin for the body. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing your lovely lace!
But then I read all about the struggles you and your husband have had this past summer and I wanted to tell you how saddened I am to hear all about this! I know these are hard times for you, so I wanted to write you a note of encouragement! I do hope you and your husband and family will prosper in these waning months of 2014, and that 2015 will be a much better year for you!

Brenda said...

Margene! I did not know you were having such a bad time!!! I am so sorry and so glad that Dennis still has both legs. Getting old is not for the faint of heart for sure! Love and prayers to you both!